Marketwise International Inc’s Mission Statement

It is our mission at Marketwise International Inc. to be a one of a kind leader with an exceptional rate of successful business owners fulfilling their short term and long term goals by utilizing the Marketwise strategies in their business planning and promotion. We empower sales professionals throughout the community to assist us in our endeavors, who also benefit from our Pay It Forward program as we expand into additional cities.

Revolutionary Restaurant Campaign

Marketwise International Inc, produces record breaking results with its Revolutionary Restaurant Campaign for businesses who wish to expand their product line into other markets. The Revolutionary Restaurant Campaign brings together business owners and customers at a Customer Appreciation Event.

Customer Appreciation Event

A Customer Appreciation Event is a win-win-win marketing strategy to build your customer base and increase your profitability.

The event introduces your businesses to the customers of complimentary businesses. You win because you get exposure to the customer base of other businesses. Other businesses win because they get exposure to your loyal customers. Customers win because they get a free dinner with the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in prizes.


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